This Redesigned Fishing Net Breaks Down Naturally Instead of Polluting

 - Dec 26, 2014
References: alejandroplasencia & springwise
Even though fishing net was originally created to catch fish for sustenance, its design can also catch unwanted foreign objects. This biodegradable redesign from Spanish design student Alejandro Plasencia breaks down in the ocean safely in the event the net is lost or abandoned. This means Remora won't add to pollution.

Conceived as a project for ELISAVA Superior School of Design and Engineering, the fishing net is made out of a polymer thread with a d2w additive rather than nylon. Instead of staying in the water indefinitely, trapping trash that animals could perceive as food (or else trapping fish that do not get retrieved), Remora dissolves in four to five years. The nets can also be tracked and equipped with RFID tags.