The 'Sea-Can' Fire Fighting System Could Prevent or Stop Forest Fires

 - May 20, 2016
References: epindustries & gizmag
At first glance, the 'Sea-Can' fire fighting system but not look like an effective means of fighting a forest fire, but the unit is capable of being a complex solution to forest fires.

Designed by Eddie Paul, the 'Sea-Can' works by being left in at-risk areas or dropped into areas that are currently ablaze. From here, the 'Sea-Can' would jump to action once the internal water system reaches over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit would reveal nozzles on the roof that would pop up and begin to spray water within a 150-foot radius.

The 'Sea-Can' fire fighting system shows significant promise for being a modern means of fighting forest fires that could potentially become commonplace in at-risk areas.