WoodWoodWard Architecture's Finn House is Vibrantly Red

 - Feb 26, 2012
References: wowowa.au & plusmood
Red brick houses may not be out of the norm, but the Finn House certainly is. The red brick it uses both for its exterior and interior is not typical. Instead of being rough and matte, this brick is smooth and shiny. Second of all, the Finn House is far from traditional. It has a modern aesthetic that is sleek and minimal. Nevertheless, it does not compromise the comfort and warmth that is characteristic of family homes.

Designed by WoodWoodWard Architecture, an architecture firm based in Australia, the Finn House boasts a glass box nestled between the glazed brick extensions. Spacious and airy, the Finn House lets in a lot of natural light. It is located in Silverleaves, Victoria.