This Mouse Ring Allows for a New Way of Interacting with a Computer

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: hammacher & bitrebels
Computer mice have been around for decades now, and many people have tried to improve on that original design, which is the clear goal of this new finger-mounted mouse. Computer mice nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, from the iconic two-buttoned model that is used on a pad to touchpads on laptops, and now this interesting finger-mounted mouse ring model that is equal parts mouse, remote control and tech-savvy ring. The mouse works by using the thumb on a tiny touch pad, which is accompanied by two buttons just above.

These new finger-mounted mouse rings are known as Genius Rings and are the creation of Hammacher Schlemmer. It touts the convenience of having a mouse on your finger, but even presents it as an alternative to those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and other disabilities that may affect their ability to use standard computer mice. The wireless device functions for around eight hours per charge, and can be recharged by plugging it into any USB device.