Finger Drums

 - Jul 27, 2006
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Since the dawn of time we humans have loved the beat of drums. Now we may not have managed to evolve much since the sun came up on time, but drums sure have, and now anyone can lay into a drum kit and thrash out the solo to 'In the Air Tonight' (that dates us...), and do it on their desk!

This Finger Drum Kit is about as nano as a set of drums can get, and is an absolute blast. Roughly the size of a mouse mat, and with a touch sensitive pad depicting a traditional drum kit, the Finger Drums have a snare, high hat, three tom toms, a base drum and two cymbals - you just tap them and they play astonishingly well through the in-built speaker.

You can even record your best drum breaks and play them back, play along to six pre-programmed demos and adjust the volume and tempo. They may annoy the heck out of everyone else on the room, but boy are they fun.