Perfect for Keeping Travis Barker Busy

 - Oct 12, 2008
We're hoping these 24 percussion-inspired designs will help Travis Barker fans get their drum fix as he recovers at Los Angeles' Grossman Burn Center. They range from wearable tee shirt drum kits to exploding hearts, but all move to their own beat--just like Travis Barker.

One of the first things you notice about Travis Barker's methodical way of playing the drums is just how athletic and aggressive it is. While we won't see Barker play again live for awhile, we've provided some beatboxing videos that will keep any percussionist on the ball.

There's even a video of an incredible four-year-old Swedish drummer who has a long way to go before he reaches celebrity status like Travis Barker. And for those of us who have no rhythm whatsoever, there are also some designs inspired by the human heartbeat--a pulse everyone can rock with.