FINDDOG Helps You Search for and Buy Anything in a Snap

 - Sep 11, 2011
References: & trendpool
The idea may sound too futuristic to be real, but I assure you that FINDDOG is as effective and functional as you believe it to be.

Developed by Japanese advertising mogul Dentsu, this application makes shopping -- whether it's for clothing, furniture or collectible figures -- indescribably easier. Simply launch FINDDOG from your iOS or Android mobile platform, point the camera at something and the app will immediately find the object for sale online. And at a bargain, too! Imagine seeing a cool T-shirt on a stranger or a lounge chair at a business office; with this mind-blogging application, it could be yours in seconds.

Watch yourself, though. I get the feeling that having this kind of purchasing power at my fingertips might send my bank account swimming in debt!