German Scientists Invent A Mind Reading Machine

 - Mar 9, 2007
References: gizmodo
Ze Germans have invented a mind-reading machine, but it looks more like an MRI machine with a microwave oven inside. The machine can predict from your brainwave patterns what you will do next and is accurate 71% of the time. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but if you were strapped into a giant microwave oven that cooked your brainwaves at 350 degrees, wouldn't it be easy to guess with 71% accuracy that you would want to:

a) escape
b) escape
c) escape
d) all of the above

How do you really test what someone is thinking? What kinds of questions do you ask? "We can see you want ze apple streudel, ya?" Whatever Dr. Who, your idea is flawed and the dude in the photo looks more like a janitor than a scientist.