Pour Liquids Without Spilling a Drop When Using the Fill-a-Lily Funnel

 - May 11, 2013
References: amazon & thegreenhead
Designed to make pouring a graceful and simple task, the Fill-a-Lily funnel is shaped like a beautiful blossoming flower that looks like it could be a part of the table decor.

Use this delicate lily-shaped vessel to transfer drinks from one container into another, to drizzle sauces and oils over foods and to pour any liquid at all without so much as spilling a drop. Made out of soft and flexible silicone, the funnel is easy to use with any bottle shape and even children will be able to use it when they need some extra help. Don't let liquids go to waste after a dinner party and use this kitchen gadget to pour them back into their original bottles.

The elegance of the Fill-a-Lily funnel makes it a pleasure to use.