Filimin is a WiFi-Enabled Devices Light That Glows with Others

 - May 5, 2015
References: filimin & filimin
'Filimin' is a light that changes color with a single touch. It's a light that interacts with other lights by staying connected with them no matter the distance. Unlike any other light design, it connects users with the people they love in an authentic way.

Each Filimin is WiFi-enabled so it can connect to a group of other Filimins. Your Filimin could be part of a group of Filimins belonging to your family. When one Filimin in the group lights up, all the other devices in the same group will also light up the same color. Geographic location does not matter -- your family’s Filimins will all glow together.

If a member of your family then touches their Filimin, all of the Filimins in the group will change color more dramatically. Your family will know that one of you has responded. And with no further activity, your Filimins will fade to black within a couple of hours.