Filene Eco Pods Shifts With the Times While Revitaling the Boston Area

 - Sep 22, 2009
References: hyarchitecture &
When money is low, neglect ensues and you slowly start to ignore those split ends or that shabby wardrobe; but city split ends are something entirely different, hence the Filene Eco Pods. When the economy is down and out, cityscape grooming is put on the back burner, resulting in halted development projects around the world. Howler and Yoon Architecture, with Squared Design, has come up with a solution to this dirty problem.

According to Naresh Chauhan, they have designed "a vertical tower of prefabricated "Eco Pods," filled with bio-fuel producing algae, in downtown Boston. The [Filene] Eco Pods not only enhances the backdrop of the city, but also grow and change with the time to fulfill the altering needs."

By integrating robotic arms, the Filene Eco Pods will be portable, allowing room for public parks or botanical gardens. As Howler and Yoon Architecture see it, "this is anticipatory pre-cycled architecture, capable of generating a new micro-urbanism that is local, agile and carbon net-positive."