This Interactive Punching Bag Helps the 'Fight Cancer' Organization

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: interactivepunchbag & boredpanda
This interactive punching bag was created on behalf of the 'Fight Cancer' organization. The punching bag is made of motion sensors, shock detectors and over 4,000 resilient LEDs.

The punching bag will be brought to gyms across The Netherlands for the Fight Cancer organization events. This will provide guests with the opportunity to jump into the ring and literally help fight cancer. When someone enters the ring they must enter their age, sex and lifestyle. The bag will then set up a personalized game based on the participants cancer risk profile, which they just created. The punching bag will begin lighting up various sections that represent "developing cancer cells," which participants are meant to punch before they grow too big.

This unique gamification activity in support of cancer and cancer research will not only raise awareness, it will also gain active participation in the fight to prevent and eliminate cancer.