The Nike Rebento Duffel the FIFA World Cup Series is a 3D-Printed Sports Bag

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: nikeinc & designboom
In celebration of the FIFA World Cup series coming up in the second week of June, Nike football created these stylish sportswear duffel bags that are made from 3D-printed performance leather. The Rebento Duffel is the perfect high-tech bag to carry all your sport equipment in.

The elegant Rebento Duffle bag is a mix between high-tech craftsmanship and luxury sportswear. The bag is an over-sized duffel-style carry on bag made from high-quality black leather. Along the bottom of the bag is a swerved piece of neon green fabric that is covered in a geometric 3D-printed leather design that increases the bag's overall durability. This bag is incredibly dapper, lightweight and a flexible sportswear accessory. If the Rebento Duffel is good enough for iconic soccer players to carry, then you know it's good enough for you.

Photo Credits: designboom, nikeinc