The Festo Automated Smartbird Mimics Actual Avian Movement

 - Mar 28, 2011
References: festo & technabob
Kites and remote-controlled airplanes are fun, but the best futuristic flying toy is the Festo Automated Smartbird, a fully automated bird that replicates the movements and behavior of nature's aviators.

The Festo Automated Smartbird can take off, fly and land -- all without the aid of a remote control or human intervention. The Smartbird's wings make its innovative air travel possible; they use special hinges that exactly mimic the wing and head movements of real birds to create thrust.

The Festo Automated Smartbird is modeled after a herring gull, but it's a bit larger than the real-life bird. This innovative avian flyer is the first device of its kind to mimic an object of nature so closely.