Dyspnea’s Dyslexicola Collection is Full of Fluffy and Girly Details

 - Mar 21, 2016
References: fashionising
This feminine Australian fashion collection is made for women who want to embrace the girlier side of their gender. Full of pale pinks, high slits and fluffy details, the designs make a play between innocent and provocative. As a package, however, the colleciton simply captures the complexity of the female spirit -- pretty deep, wouldn't you say?

Dubbed Dyslexicola, the feminine Australian fashion collection was created by Dyspnea. The model featured in the lookbook is like a faerie queen with her pink hair and surprisingly somber look. Surrounded by blue skies and green foliage, the dresses, bodysuits and skirts stand out all the more. Yet they complement the scene as well. Looks like the Lolita complex is staying strong this year through to the fall season.