Felt So Good Divider is Complexly Composed for Unique Functionality

 - May 3, 2013
References: behance.net & furnitureserved
Now, imagine that your cubicle was instead bordered by panels like the Felt So Good Divider. Wouldn't that make for a work environment that's much less dull? Designed by Sheilah Carroll and Joe Epstein, the undulating geometric space separator is mesmerizing to behold and offers several intriguing features that you seldom see in mere partitions.

Inspired by the shape of the pyramid, the moveable wall was assembled using triangular modules that are metal-edged and covered in soft felt material. These are configured back-to-back and create a zigzagging surface. The material and structure of the separator make it effective in providing visual and acoustic privacy. What's more, the Felt So Good Divider has a small writing surface and an overhead lamp that can be drawn out unexpectedly.