Check out Felix Baumgartner Jump Broken Down Into Pictorial Fo

 - Oct 15, 2012
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Today, Red Bull created a major moment in history -- the Felix Baumgartner jump leads the company and athlete into the Guinness Book of World Records with multiple accomplishments. This infograph depicts the incredible free fall into a pictorial form. A balloon carting Baumgarter shoots itself into space at 128,100 ft high making it the highest manned balloon flight and highest altitude free fall.

In 1960 Joe Kittinger free fell from 102,800 ft high, leaving him the holder of the highest free fall record until today. The Felix Baumgartner jump fell at 1.24 Mach and took him 4 minutes and 18 seconds to complete the free fall. He pulled his parachute at roughly the same height as Mount Everest at 20,029 ft.