- May 25, 2008
References: salmonluke & translate.google
"Feed Me Me" is a clever collection designed by Luke Salmon that teaches toddlers how to feed themselves. The spoon and bowl are designed to assist and guide the food to the spoon without overthrow everywhere.

The Feed Me Me Bowl features:
- 3 easy scoop-sized cutlery corners to guide food onto the spoon for a mouth-sized helping
- Wave shaped rim flips food onto the cutlery and not over the side of the bowl
- Chunky squat design and stable non-slip base mean it is less likely to move around on the highchair and end up on the floor

The Me Feed Me products are made from Hygienik, a material that reduces the growth of illness-causing bacteria such as MRSA, E.coli and salmonella. You can buy one online for less than 16 pounds.