Fattoria Scaldasole's Teddi Tribe Pouches Come in a Soda-Inspired Flavor

There are plenty of unique yogurt flavors for kids that aim to entice them to eat the protein-rich dairy product, but Fattoria Scaldasole sets itself apart by offering a 'Cola' flavor.

The organic yogurt pouches for kids come in boxes that contain three 85-gram single-serve pouches, offering a great on-the-go snack for young children who are fussy when it comes to taste. While the idea of a soda-inspired yogurt might seem unhealthy, this product is naturally flavored with ingredients like concentrated lemon juice, cane sugar and carob seed flour. Per 100 grams, the yogurt product boasts just over three grams of protein.

Alongside its Cola flavor, Fattoria Scaldasole also offers unique varieties for kids such as Strawberry and Cotton Candy in its Teddi Tribe range.