Sander Van Heukelom's Fat Cap Chair

 - Sep 11, 2009
References: capchaired & ifitshipitshere.blogspot
Graphic designer Sander van Heukelom's love of graffiti has taken the form of paintings, sculptures and now design with the introduction of his fat cap chair. A fat cap refers to the plastic piece atop a spray can that releases the paint when pressed. Van Heukelom, who is now known for his three-dimensional graffiti-inspired sculptures and paintings, has used the fat cap as inspiration before, creating multi-colored sculptures made of styrofoam, plexiglas, synthetic resin and wood.

The fat cap chair is made of coated styrofoam and is lightweight and crack-resistant. It comes in two styles, the hooded fat cap and in plain white, but it can be produced in different shades or patterns.