These Fast Food Fries are Dehyrdated Rather Than Frozen for Quick Cooking

'Hi-Tech French Fries' introduce a healthy new alternative to pan-fried fast food fries.

Many fast food restaurants prepare bags of fries from frozen, but this innovation makes it possible so that there's no need to fry or freeze fries prior to delivery. Instead, potatoes are dehydrated, packaged and shipped at a regulated temperature. The Hi-Tech Fries are available in Organic, Natural and Non-GMO varieties. These fries feature no additives and no oil, which makes them a whole lot healthier than most of their fast food counterparts.

When it comes time to prepare the fries for consumers, they can be rehydrated in water and fried for just over a minute. In addition to being healthier and requiring no special storage strategies, Hi-Tech Fries are also reported to have a better taste, as well as low in cost, calories and fats.