Fast by Mathieu Frossard Comments on Consumers' Gluttony

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: atelierfrossard & fastcodesign
Fast by Mathieu Frossard, a French artist and designer, is a photo series that may capture a Big Mac with a side of fries, a strawberry cake and some raw meat, but not a single image is appetizing. The same foods that would normally inspire instant salivation have been unceremoniously stuffed into a model's mouth in a messy manner. Clearly a comment on both the copious amount of food some people consume as well as the unhealthy options they choose, the series will encourage people to think before they eat next time.

On a larger scale, Fast by Mathieu Frossard figuratively refers to gluttony on a consumer level and people's "tendency to swallow first and chew later," as written by Fast Co. Design. Frossard calls his work "corrupted advertising," which promotes consumption without sustenance.