The Fashion Gone Rogue 'It’s a Boy Thing' Editorial is a Gender B

The Fashion Gone Rogue 'It's a Boy Thing' editorial is chic, masculine denim mania.

The handsome photography was done by Beth Studenberg and hair was done by Yesenia Vargas. It was styled by Shanna Nicole and Elissa Aimee and stars model Ashley Perich. Perich is jovial in the shoot and utilizes her accessories and clothing to appear boyish. The editorial boasted a ton of denim from drop-crotch capris to overalls. The fashion choices were definitely geared toward an overall masculine look and the hats and glasses made the outfits come alive. Instead of posing still, Perich let loose and fluttered around in the photos. The final product is a series of tom-boytastic snippets.

The Fashion Gone rogue 'It's a Boy Thing' editorial is a pleasant play at gender roles and unisex apparel.