Far East Movement Interview

 - Nov 1, 2010
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Far East Movement is best known for their smash hit single "Like a G6" and their success doesn't end there. The popular band has now taken the world by performing alongside acts such as Robyn, Lady Gaga and N*E*R*D.

Far East Movement is not only pushing the limits in their high energy music, but they are pushing the limits of the music industry as well by constantly filming themselves while on tour and uploading the footage to FM Satellite. These mini webisodes allow fans to catch a glimpse into the lifestyles of this cutting edge musical group.

To learn more about Far East Movment, check out Trend Hunter's interview with them below!

1. How did you first get involved in music?

We started as just huge fans of music. From interning at interscope to MCing at clubs and bars in downtown LA. We recorded our first tracks by takin' an old school desktop computer with a huge 80's style monitor up to an attic of our friends house in downtown LA and taught ourselves the process through trial and error. The first song we officially recorded was a song called the Far East Movement about livin' free wired in downtown LA, fresh kicks, shades, lowridin, taco trucks, crazy diverse playlist of music... It was everything about how we lived and it ended up becoming our name.

2. What motivates you to continue working in the music industry?

The incredible free wired people we meet online and at shows keep us inspired every day. The belief that we can't believe we were given the opportunity to do our dream job.

3. What is an important trend you are seeing in the music industry?

Experimentation. [It's] exciting hearing new forms of collabs and fusing genres. Free wired no doubt.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Downtown LA; our playlists [are] filled with all kinds of different music styles, girls, relationships, and our free wired fam across the lands.

5. Do you have any rituals to reset yourself to be creative?

Spend a night around downtown, bar 'n' club hoppin' or skatin' and around. [By] 3:00am, we're ready to lay some tracks.

6. How do you spot trends?

We stay online on fashion blogs, music blogs, entertaiment blogs, tech sites and anything to keep us up to date. But when applying tech and fashion to our lifestyle, it's all about functionality. The ties, shades, spy cams, Internet cards and anything we rock fits to how we live and where we're at.

7. What are your most important hobbies?

We geek out on the video games, [and we're] huge foodies so we food blog when we're in different cities, and mix and host a radio show live on CherryTreeRecords.com where we chat with our fam in the chatroom. [It] gives us a feeling of home away from home.

8. What other artist(s) do you admire and why?

The Beastie Boys for how they brought a wild new style to music and always pushed themselves to do stuff outside the box and unexpected and [are] real to who they are. OutKast for pushing the limits musically and bringing a new eclectic sound from the south to the world. Kanye West for holdin' down incredible lines, pushing fashion and trying things musically and visually that no one else will. Robyn, who we were lucky to tour with, who's song writing is so real and personal and her stage performance is another level ill.