The San Diego Children's Discovery Museum Offers Family Yoga Classes

 - Feb 27, 2016
The San Diego Children's Discovery Museum is now hosting family yoga classes as part of a partnership with Plant Powered Kids. Visiting a museum is largely a visual experience, which is why children can quickly lose interest. This program offers a more interactive museum experience in order to keep children engaged and entertained.

The Discovery Garden Family Yoga classes are held on the turf outside of the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum. The classes are free for museum members, as well as those who have paid admission for the day. The classes involve a series of exercises that are intended to help children and parents improve their flexibility, concentration and coordination. Because the classes are targeted to children between the ages of four and 10, all of the exercises are tailored to beginners.

The family yoga classes are likely to appeal to parents who are looking for a family activity that combines education with physical activity.