The Falke Vicuna Socks Will Keep Your Feet Warm But Your Wallet Cold

German hosiery company Falke has invented a way to way to make receiving socks for Christmas not seem like a sucky deal. The Falke Vicuna Socks are made out of rare vicuna wool, set at the most expensive fiber in the entire world.

Vicuna fiber is said to be much, much finer than any other fiber and softer, even though it only posses 12 microns -- tough luck cotton; see-ya silk. So what do socks woven from the finest, rarest, and softest fiber in the world go for nowadays?

The Falke Vicuna Socks can be warming your little piggies for the one easy price of $1,150. But you better act now as these luxurious feet toasters are a limited edition pair and are apart of a family consisting of only 10 pairs worldwide. And they say socks can’t be a lavish gift.