Faktum Newspaper Created an Interactive Social Campaign to Raise Awareness

 - May 4, 2013
References: adverblog
Faktum Newspaper created Faktum Hotels as a clever and creative campaign to raise awareness about the high number of homeless and socially vulnerable people living in Gothenburg, Sweden.

There are 3,400 people currently struggling to live and survive in Gothenburg so Forsman and Boderfors created Faktum Hotels as a way to spread the message to the public. Faktum newspaper created this cheeky campaign and marketed it flawlessly to the public. It allows people to book a stay at one of the many unsafe and undesirable places where the homeless people around the city are forced sleep. For ten dollars you can reserve your spot on a park bench or in an abandon, dilapidated building.

The money that you pay when booking a figurative stay with Faktum Hotels goes towards the street paper Faktum and their work towards helping the homeless.