Researchers Develop Air-Cleansing Faux Trees

This artificial tree is definitely not for decoration. In fact, it’s a creation that will help clean our air.

Researchers at Arizona-based Global Research Technologies are working on the first fake tree by combining all sorts of materials that absorb carbon dioxide from the air to mimic a tree's natural properties. One of the basic materials, for example, is an alkaline resin developed by Professor Klaus Lackner at Columbia University in New York. It reacts with acidic carbon dioxide to do its work.

Since the tree will also store CO2, it’s especially useful for companies like soft drink manufacturers and petroleum companies who rely on CO2 for their everyday operation.

The first tree is scheduled for launch in 2-3 years and will be priced around $150 per ton initially. It's expected that this price will eventually drop to about $20 per ton as the technology improves and becomes more mainstream.

Additional Image Source: VillageTech