Beijing Created Screens to Display a Fake Sun on the Foggiest Days

 - Jan 23, 2014
References: dailymail & laughingsquid
Beijing just needs a little fake sun on a foggy day. The pollution in Beijing is so bad that fake sun screens have been put up to make up for the sun that's been lost in the fog.

The Beijing smog issue has been well-documented. It's so bad that it's become virtually impossible to see the sun or the sky. If you're looking down to actual numbers, there is 671 micrograms of pollution in the air per meter, and the World Health Organization says that 25 micrograms is the absolute maximum safe level. This gives readers a better idea of just how bad things are down there.

These screens have popped up all over Beijing and they are a bright reminder that regardless of the intense fog, the sun is still shining.