Obvious Plant Fake Black Friday Ads Mock Outrageous Holiday Sales

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: obviousplant.tumblr & fastcocreate
In an effort to mock the expansive retail extravaganza following Thanksgiving, these fake Black Friday ads make fun of the deals often found the weekend after a holiday that is supposed to be about feeling grateful for what you already have. Obvious Plant is a fake sign tumblr account run by Jeff Wysaski. In addition to posting these unreal advertisements online, he also circulated the fliers at Target.

The fake Black Friday ads are for ridiculous promotions including a free falcon for purchases over $75. Much of that particular ad was devoted to suggested falcon names, such as Nicodemus and Uncle Doug. Other sales suggestions were for 30% off enchanted mayonnaise, a bar mitzvah invitation and a Chewbacca toilet scrub brush.