Harvey Dent for Dark Knight

 - Mar 22, 2008
References: ibelieveinharveydent
"I Believe in Harvey Dent" is a viral campaign taking place on the internet right now (isn’t always there one?) that may confuse some folks. I know when I first saw it without reading the print my first reaction was: that guy is an actor. Why would he be running for public office?

The campaign’s objective is to promote and create a bigger buzz for the latest movie installment in the Batman series "The Dark Knight". Harvey Dent also known as Two Face, is played in The Dark Knight movie by actor Aaron Eckhart. Dent used to be a law and order guy and Batman ally in Gotham City until his face got disfigured by the bad guys. He then turned into a psychopathic villain who made decisions by flipping a coin.

The "I Believe in Harvey Dent" campaign seeks to capitalize on the presidential primaries and the current political climate in the USA. Written on the first page of the website for the fake campaign is this: "Harvey Dent needs your help to take Gotham back"! Show enough support for Dent’s crusade for change and he’ll run for District Attorney. Gotham’s fate rests on us. It’s in our hands to take Gotham back".