Believers Find Jesus in Cushions, Cheetos, Toast, & Science

While thousands of people flocked to a Catholic Church last month to see the face of Jesus in the pleats of a church cushion, and iconic images regularly appear in Cheetos and pieces of toast, millions of Christians prepare to celebrate Easter: Many wonder what the real-life Jesus actually looked like.

In recent years, modern forensic science has been used to reveal history’s faces. It has yielded some very interesting results. Jesus of Nazareth was the subject of investigative techniques and forensic methodology using anthropological data.

The Shroud of Turin has also been examined using forensics. While advocates of authenticity and forgery each make their case, the facial data extracted from it has been interpreted and put forth as the face of Jesus.

While we may never know what the historic Jesus looked like, there will always be controversy around the subject. Dogma and faith are beyond the power of science to resolve.