Facetune by Lightricks Ltd. Perfects Your Face in Every Way

 - Aug 26, 2013
References: itunes.apple & facetuneapp
If a touchscreen version of Photoshop existed for iPhones, Facetune by Lightricks Ltd. would be it. You can now attain magazine-ready portraits with a couple swipes on your smartphone. The app offers a facial restructure option, where you can flatten protruding cheekbones or tuck in your double chin.

The app’s most convenient feature is the Perfect Skin option, where users can drag fingers over a picture to smooth any imperfections. It results in a wrinkle-free and blemish-free look that glows. Another feature is to perfect your smile. This option brightens teeth with a swipe of a finger. The app also lets users bring out their eyes by defining them. Other functions include removal of dark circles, removal of acne and hair treatment. The app also comes with basic hue effects and focus fixtures.

Considering that public portraits are constantly required as profile pictures for social media websites, the app will serve as handy for almost everyone who seeks a perfect first impression. Photo editing apps are also getting simpler to use, which could potentially enhance the general appeal of even the not tech-savvy netizens.