Free People Boasts a Summer Collection of Delicately Perforated Clothing

 - Feb 15, 2018
References: freepeople
Free People's Summer 2018 offerings are the epitome of elegant and breezy fashion, featuring eyelet design motifs. Through a wide selection of relatively monochromatic silhouettes that are predominantly white, the retailer emphasizes the intricate and delicate perforated fabrics.

From the carefree spirit of the V-neckline Peach Pie Midi Dress to the suggestive silhouette of the boxy Little Secret Top, the eyelet design technique is repeated throughout with great variation. There is something hidden and exquisite within the minimalist and strategically detailed perforated fabric. Not only does it allow for joyously lightweight, elegant and easy-to-wear peaces, but the eyelet design can be customized and utilized in an abundance of ways. Free People has surely taken advantage through a variety of styles, including blouses, pants, scarfs, dresses and the like.

Photo Credits: Free People