St. Thomas Creations' Quattro Flushing Technology is Ridiculous

 - Mar 16, 2009
References: stthomascreations & techeblog
We eat. Our bodies get rid of the waste. No trend here, right? Perhaps not. There’s a new toilet in town, however. A company called St. Thomas Creations uses Quattro Flushing Technology that simply washes away the competition. And the good news is, it uses half the amount of water as traditional 3.5-gallon models.

Watch the video above to see a St. Thomas Creations toilet wash away the following:

2.5 lbs of baby carrots, 4 whole plastic chess sets, 3 lbs of large gummi bears, 18 large hot dogs, 78 plastic letter and number refrigerator magnets, 3.5 lbs of grapes, 20 golf balls and 3.5 lbs of dog food.