Expresso Fitness

 - Jun 25, 2008
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The Expresso Fitness is not, by any means, an ordinary exercise bike. The stationary bicycle has an LCD screen that lets cyclists compete with other Expresso users, whether they're in the same gym, or on the other side of the world. The web-enabled device is an incredible invention that combines the obsession with video game culture with exercise in a way to could possible trump the Wii.

Riders don't just pedal, they actually have to steer the bike, and lean in corners. They get an incredible graphic display in which they see themselves and other cyclists race through different sceneries.

Many people are competitive by nature, even getting riled up by a virtual opponent, but the Expresso Fitness Bike puts people up against other people in real time through the Expresso Fitness online community. It's not a matter of stealth hand skills to win, but real cardio and muscle strength.