Benefit Cosmetics' 'Brow Translator' Reveals What Expressive Eyebrows Say

Reading another person's eyes, mouth or nose can provide subtle cues about their emotional state, but the expressive eyebrows are the facial feature that reveals the most about the emotions. Benefit Cosmetics is highlighting this fact with a new website that offers a free 'Brow Translator' tool where people can upload a photo of themselves and have it reveal one's "true feelings."

The unique beauty tool was developed with the help of facial expression analysis expert Dr. Javid Sadr and gives a one-word "Brow Translation" that is summed up with words like confident, seductive and happy, as well as small speech bubbles that display humorous captions.

To test the tool, Benefit tried out its Brow Translator on some of the biggest beauty influencers of the moment, including James Charles, Stephanie Duran and Griselda Martinez.