The 'Experi-mental Kitchen' Series Shows What People Eat for Dinner

 - May 21, 2014
References: & foodiggity
If you’ve ever wondered what your daily consumption of food looks like stockpiled together, avant-garde photographers Anne Aselmann and Jessica Neubauer have creatively put together the Experi-mental Kitchen image series that visually represents the food someone has eaten over a period of time.

Experi-mental Kitchen features images of obscure food pairings to show how random the foods we eat tend to be. For example, one of the images shows that someone’s daily food content contained a beef burger layered with gummy bears, a sprinkled donut and tomato slices. The donut is creatively used as the bun for the burger and the gummy bears and tomato slices as the topics. Several other images include a banana split hot dog mash-up and a vanilla cake and shrimp mash-up. The Experi-mental Kitchen really makes you think of how wide the range of the food you put in your stomach is.