Marc Newson's Expensive Hourglass Design Costs $12,000

 - May 26, 2017
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Marc Newson has put a $12,000 price tag on his timeless piece -- an expensive hourglass that elicits both practicality and art.

1.3 million tiny cooper-plated spheres, called nanoballs, were thoughtfully placed inside the hand-blown glass encasing, creating a modern interpretation of one of the oldest time-keeping methods. The irregularity of the copper spheres provides both a unique noise and pattern, creating what Newson describes as a multi-sensory experience.

The precise craftsmanship and artful approach behind this expensive hourglass was inspired by Newson's desire to create something that helped the viewer slow down and enjoy their experience with something as simple as time. The hourglass presents itself as something that tracks time but also "focuses your attention on the opposite of time."

The expensive hourglass, of which only 100 exist, would appeal to those who love luxury and contemplative art pieces.