This EXiT Architetti Associati Mountain Retreat is Incredibly Sustainable

 - Feb 4, 2011   Updated: Aug 17 2011
References: & archdaily
Oftentimes, barn conversion is a clumsy and ultimately underwhelming affair, but this fantastic retrofit by EXiT architetti associati of a structure which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site breaks that mold by seamlessly matching old-world architecture with forward-thinking design and sustainability.

Wherever possible, EXiT architetti associati reused existing wood from the barn's structure as much as possible, and further increased the sustainability of their project by also outfitting it with a thoroughly insulated exterior and solar panel installations.

Implications - Green building is now more within reach on account of these deep retrofits, which maintain a connection with nature and satisfy modern living standards both visually and structurally. By reusing materials, more jobs become available for construction workers, and resources as well as costs are saved.