CEOs Can Ride and Work in LimousinesWorld's Cars

Just when you think that luxury cars have reached a pinnacle of modern technological art and design, automotive designers like LimousinesWorld unveil a car that surpasses all expectations. With LimousinesWorld's executive mobile offices, business owners, executives, CEOs and other high-rollers now have the chance to not only travel in style, but work efficiently and comfortably as they ride, since the executive mobile offices feature all the amenities a typical executive office has to offer. 

Who wouldn’t want to travel in a high class Cadillac Escalade with electric reclining captain seats with arms and fully equipped with slide and electrical foot rests? Who could resist traveling in a Mercedes GL450 with the ability to connect your laptop to a 32" flat screen TV via VGA port?

Amenities such as these, along with two mounted desks, a small fridge, rear-facing LCD monitors on each passenger side panel and high intensity LED overhead and floor illuminations are standard in LimousinesWorld's executive mobile offices. dolce vita.