This Website Facilitates Exchanges Between Artists and Art Lovers

 - Aug 25, 2015
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'ExchangeWorks' is an online platform that facilitates exchanges between artists and art enthusiasts. While art can take many forms, an artist always requires a certain amount of time, space and supplies to carry out their work. This website helps artists access the resources they need by putting them in touch with people who are interested in purchasing art.

ExchangeWorks operates as a website where businesses, organizations and artists can sell their artwork. The art that is posted can include anything from live performances to mixed media prints. In exchange for their artwork, the artist can receive art supplies, furniture, lodging or even legal advice. The idea is to help artists access valuable resources rather than simply providing them with cash. In return, art enthusiasts are able to support creative communities and uncover emerging artists.

The exchange between artists and art lovers helps the art community continue to thrive.