Kanebo's Evita Facewash Dispenser Transforms Foam into a Rose

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: kanebo-cosmetics.jp & mashable
Japanese cosmetics giant Kanebo's newest product, Evita facewash, is turning heads. However, it isn't the product's cosmetic capabilities causing people to take notice. Rather, the Evita facewash's most compelling feature is its foam dispenser.

The Evita facewash dispenser creates perfect foam roses with every press. Due to a complex mechanism in the bottle's dispenser, the foam cosmetic gets shaped into a rose when used, with concentric petals that shrink towards the middle. These foam roses can easily be scooped off the head of the bottle, letting consumers hold the foam rose before using it on their faces.

The product's advertising video has been available for a few weeks, however the Evita facewash itself will not be available on the market until the beginning of September, at which point the foam roses will be available in Japan.