Lana Shuttleworth's Ethnomorphic Landscapes Series is Unexpectedly Imaginative

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: georgebillis & mymodernmet
The Ethnomorphic Landscapes art series may not look like it was created using traditional road pylons, but it assuredly was. Each safety cone used was cut up into small pieces to make up the stunning landscape montages. It is interesting to note how much color these orange objects actually have. Holly Myers from the Los Angeles Times eloquently observes, "Who knew that this humble, road-battered fixture contained such an astonishing range of tones and textures?"

Imaginatively created by artist Lana Shuttleworth, the Ethnomorphic Landscapes art series is full of layers, which adds depth and emotion to each piece. It almost entices the viewer to peel each one back, searching for what lies beneath. Shuttleworth writes, "The surface of the cone bears the evidence of life with the marring and scaring that comes from surviving a fast and relentless urban existence."