This Technology Uses Smartphones to Estimate Wait Times

 - Dec 4, 2015
References: blipsystems & engadget
JFK Airport is currently testing new technology that uses passenger's smartphones to better estimate wait times. With more than 19 million individuals passing through the JFK Airport each year, wait times can be highly unpredictable. Now the airport is trying to give passengers the upper hand by equipping them with vital information ahead of time.

'BlipTrack' is a beacon-based system that searches for WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled devices. When one of these 'discoverable' devices passes by a strategically located beacon, the system records, encrypts and timestamps the device's unique MAC address. With each device that passes through the beacons, the system is able to figure out how fast passengers are moving through the airport. In turn, passengers will be able to see real time estimates for waits in different parts of the airport. The system not only lets passengers know how long they will be standing around, but it also notifies employees if bottlenecks are developing.

By using passenger's devices to estimate wait times, BlipTrack can help airports manage and eliminate issues at specific locations.