'Essexland' Explores the Notoriety of the British County

 - Mar 13, 2014
References: lucy-sparks & itsnicethat
Lucy Sparks' latest photographic series 'Essexland,' delves into a realm of excess and over-indulgence. For those unfamiliar, Essex is a notorious UK county, characterized by its obsession with anything garish, brazen or extravagant.

During her travels, Sparks documented everything from platinum blonde hair extensions to white leather car interiors. She sought to immortalize the caricatured items that have become associated with Essex. The result is a slightly absurd, but nevertheless entertaining collection, that observes the aesthetic of the county and the stereotype it has become.

Sparks explains, "Since the 80s, Essex has become synonymous with cultural parody, and its nouveau riche have become known throughout the UK for having uncommonly gaudy taste...Essexland takes you on an alluring journey through the county’s most fascinating nightclubs, bars and salons. Exploring the desires of a social group, which defines itself by indulgence and excess."