Drinking Becomes Intellectual with the Erlenmeyer Flask Lab Decanter

 - Oct 18, 2012
References: amazon & thegreenhead
You are able to measure out just the right amount of alcohol when you use the Erlenmeyer Flask Lab Decanter. Shaped exactly like the beakers seen in most scientific labs, this decanter is a cool centerpiece that is perfect for holding your vino.

With measurements marked along the side and a wide base that tapers up to a narrow spout, the bottle is sure to spark some intellectual conversation among your group of friends. If you are a lab geek with a passion for all things science related or if you have fond memories of high school chemistry class and want to relive those days, this fun flask, with its rubber stopper is for you.

Experiment with the beaker-shaped Erlenmeyer Flask Lab Decanter for a scientific night drinking with friends.