Eric Chakeen Entices the Viewer with Mystery

 - Oct 15, 2014
References: ericchakeen & itsnicethat
Eric Chakeen's portfolio reveals the New York-based photographer's talent for portraiture.

Each portrait is an eclectic mix of humor, whimsy and honesty. Each subject, whether it be a random street-goer or a high-profile celebrity, experiences Chakeen's magic touch. For instance, Chakeen does away with the typical bells and whistles when photographing fashion's proverbial It Girl Alexa Chung. Instead, he photographs the fashion icon in a pared-back way. Chung wears only a swipe of her signature black eyeliner, a white blazer and a coy smile in her shot. Viewers might have to do a double-take to confirm that, yes, it is indeed Chung in the photo.

Chakeen focuses on bringing out subtle, inconspicuous details in each subject, adding a mysterious allure to each portrait.