The Erascan Saves Erased Notes and Doodles to a Built-In Memory Card

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: yankodesign
The Erascan is a techie whiteboard eraser designed to save as it erases. The Erascan works like a scanner in that it copies down all of the doodles and drawings on a board and saves them to a memory card. The Erascan can also transmit the saved data to a computer or other gadget using its built-in WiFi connectivity. As it's doing this, it’s also erasing, making it doubly functional.

The chalkboard and overhead projector have both become victims of the march of technology, but the whiteboard is the one low-tech classroom/office essential that seems here to stay. Being able to save notes written on a whiteboard without having to actually rewrite them would save a ton of time, which also equates to saving a ton of money.