Epix Movie Service Gives You What You Want, When You Want

 - Sep 23, 2009
References: epixhd & fastcompany
If you can’t beat ‘em, don’t join ‘em, just create something bigger and badder, like the Epix Movie Service. Deciding against taking the high road, MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount has decided to pave their own.

Not being able to come to an agreement with Showtime in regards to cable movie distribution, they spawned the Epix Movie Service, which is actually pretty epic. According to Chris Dannen, "[U]nlike the regular premium channels, which take about a year to get out-of-theater movies, the studios’ new service, EPIX, will get popular movies quickly—and it’ll let you watch them on-demand anywhere from EPIXHD.com."

Available to Verizon FiOS users in October, I cannot wait for the Epix Movie Service (or something like this) to reach Canada.